Roof & Wall

We fabricate a number of products to satisfy customer needs for weather-proofing, equipment concealment, and rooftop ventilation.

Our Equipment Screens come in any dimension necessary and offer robust wind protection for exposed machinery.  We utilize an inverted louver blade concept that allows for sightproof concealment and security in an architecturally pleasing manner.  Equipment screens finished with one of our many in-house powder coating colors can not only match the surrounding building color scheme but are also protected long-term from weather-related corrosion, and in turn protect the equipment they surround from the same. 

We understand the problem caused by weather ingress when providing adequate ventilation to a structure.  Our Gravity Ventilators allow for rooftop intake or exhaust while keeping the weather on the outside of the building, and our Weather Hoods do the same when the intake or exhaust vents are found on the wall of your structure.  Both are custom designed for optimal airflow performance and rigorous weather protection.

With our many louver models to choose from, Safe-Air Dowco can fabricate a penthouse with post or mitered corners utilizing any blade design to satisfy your project requirement. The standard penthouse is built to withstand 20 psf of wind load. However, any load requirement can be specified and we will build your penthouse accordingly.