Louvers | Extruded Penthouse

For rooftop openings that require both architectural appeal and weather protection, extruded aluminum louvered penthouses are the perfect solution.  We can take just about any of our louver models to create the walls, tailoring the penthouse to the ventilation requirements of the building.  Durable extruded aluminum construction in the frame and louvers is combined with a formed aluminum roof tar-coated on the underside to prevent the buildup of condensation. Control or backdraft dampers may be installed in the throat of the penthouse to ensure a greater degree of airflow control as well.  Our penthouses can be finished with powder coat or wet finish in any color desired to enhance their appearance, and optional mitered corners allow for further aesthetic appeal. 

The PEV-04 Penthouse Elevator Vent comes in the industry-standard size of 38" x 38" x 18" with a Class-II smoke damper installed in the throat to provide for normal ventilation and emergency smoke evacuation of elevator shafts.  The breakable plexiglass window near the top of the penthouse provides for weather protection and firefighter access in case of emergency. 


Model Blade Style Depth Blade
Free Area
48 x 48
Area Velocity
Extruded Aluminum
Penthouse Elevator Vent - PEV-04 Details