Safe-Air Dowco Commercial Dampers and associated accessories are engineered and fabricated to exacting standards as essential components of commercial Life Safety and Air Control systems. 

Safe-Air Dowco's Life Safety products are all UL-listed and represent sixty-five years of progress and experience in the fabrication of HVAC fire and smoke supression technology.  We are pleased to offer a selection of products from curtain fire dampers, bladed fire dampers, ceiling and wood-truss rated fire dampers, smoke dampers, as well a variety of combination fire and smoke dampers. 

For the commercial HVAC marketplace, in addition to Life Safety products, we offer backdraft dampers, control dampers, and energy-saving dampers for both passive and active control applications.  Our dampers are designed to maximize the efficiency of new and existing systems through both low pressure drop and low leakage performance, and our accessory options ensure that the damper you recieve is tailored to what you need.

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