Louvers | Extruded Stationary | D-LEC-06

Blade Style: J
Blade Gauge: .080"
Blade Angle: 37
Blade Spacing: 6"
Depth: 6"
Free Area 48 x 48: 49%
Area Velocity FPM: 1071

Model D-LEC-06 is an architecturally styled 6" (152) deep louver designed with smooth, clean lines that visually compliment any structure’s exterior styling. Available in channel or flanged type, the 6" (152) deep frame installs easily in most common wall configurations. The drainable head feature utilizes a top gutter that collects the water running down the building face and channels it out the concealed downspouts in the side frame, thus preventing it from flowing down into the airstream. Suitable for use in exhaust and low to medium velocity intake applications, the blade design features a rear water baffle and provides good protection against general weather conditions, with low pressure drop characteristics and a high free area. Reinforcing bosses run the full length of each blade for superior strength. Model D-LEC-06 is engineered to be architecturally appealing as well as mechanically enduring.