Louvers | Extruded Adjustable | A-LEC-06

Blade Style: Adjustable Drainable
Blade Gauge: .081
Blade Angle: 45
Blade Spacing: N/A
Depth: 6"
Free Area 48 x 48: 46%
Area Velocity FPM: 906

Model A-LEC-06 adjustable, drainable blade type louver combines superior weather protection and architecturally pleasing aesthetics with airflow control including tight shut-off. Suitable for use in exhaust and low to medium velocity intake applications, the design features a drainable blade with rain gutters that divert collected water down concealed side downspouts and out the sill. The blades can be operated manually or with an actuator to provide tight shut-off when desired. Blades are reinforced with full length integral bosses for superior strength and the design exhibits low pressure drop characteristics throughout the airflow range. Model A-LEC-06 provides adjustable flexibility as well as maximum protection against the elements.